Welcome to Chestnut Ridge.

We’re Specialty Coffee roasters in Historic Downtown Harrisonburg. We’re new, but so far, so good. Check out our flagship coffee offerings here, and get in touch with any questions you have for us.



Our Story

After meeting in 2014 on a trail run outside of Harrisonburg, VA, Jose and David quickly learned they both shared a love for coffee, and enjoy the challenge of sourcing green coffee from countries far away and roasting it for their friends and families. After kicking around the idea for a few years, they took the plunge and set out on an adventure of starting Chestnut Ridge Coffee Roasters.



Every coffee has a story to tell-tales from the high mountain in which it was grown, the hard working hands who harvested it, the farm which processed it, we take great pride in being one tiny step in our coffees long journey to your cup. Our goal is to roast each bean to tell the tale of its adventure.